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Pathways to an Industry-Leading Podcast

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

If video is the hare of the online marketing and brand-building world, podcasts are the proverbial tortoise. While close to 83% of global internet traffic comes from video, podcasts have proved the ultimate game-changer for many brands, allowing experts to cultivate deeper, more-enduring relationships with their audiences.

Where private wealth is concerned, high-quality podcasting is in its infancy. Despite evidence that a vast global audience is interested in themes such as succession planning, tax and investments for wealthy individuals, there are few examples of experts and professionals in these fields harnessing the full power of podcasts.

For this reason, we argue that now is an opportune time for would-be influencers across the sector to think about tapping into this underused medium and carving out a position of leadership in their niche. However, while the rewards of launching a podcast can be vast and far-reaching, there are some considerations that must first be made.

5 reasons to consider starting a podcast

1. Industry at a tipping point: Podcasts that target private wealth audiences are at a pivotal point in their evolution. Popularity-wise, they are gaining momentum fast while still having significant room to grow. Overall, 48% of British people listen to podcasts every month. While this statistic is rising year on year, the podcasting arena is significantly less saturated than video. The trend, however, paints an exciting picture of where podcasting in the industry can go. It is calling out, therefore, for experienced and authentic new voices.

2. A networking tool like no other: There are few more-effective conversation starters than, ‘Hello, I’d love to interview you on my podcast. I’ve been following you for a while, and I’d love to share your story and expertise with my audience.’ A podcast is your opportunity to spend an hour in conversation with your dream collaborators, talking about the things that inspire them. With the right strategy, the podcast can be the first step in a relationship that could endure long after the hour is over.

3. No budget, no problem: A podcast can be developed and rolled-out in hours and with minimal cost. Unlike video, which often requires a menu of specific equipment and long-turnaround times, a good quality podcast requires little more than a quiet room, a decent mic and a good idea.

4. A shortcut to influencer status: A podcast is a great platform from which to give value and connect with your target client community. By launching a podcast, you raise your hand and assume the role of an industry thought leader. Peers, journalists and potential clients will, therefore, see you as a first port of call for expertise in your niche.

5. Forget the ‘goldfish’ rule: They say the attention span of modern audiences is less than that of a goldfish! However, it seems that podcasts have bucked this trend as evidence suggests that audiences exercise far more patience with a podcast than they will with a video. The portability of the medium means that audiences are listening to podcasts during ‘dead times of the day’ such as at the gym and during long commutes. This makes podcasts the most immersive social medium, giving presenters the time to bond with audiences and explore topics in all their colour and complexity.

It is clear that podcasts are here to stay, however, in the background of this success there is a simmering industry debate about what exactly a podcast is.

Plot twist: What is a podcast?

A podcast is defined as follows:

“An episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device to listen to at a time of their choosing” (Wikipedia)

The curious thing about this description is that it does not contain the word ‘video’.

Podcast purists will argue that a podcast is an audio file. Should you choose to record the podcast and post the video to, for example, YouTube, then what you have is (drum roll, please)… a video. There is, they say, no such thing as a video podcast.

At PCD Media, we work with our clients to choose the perfect medium to deliver their intended strategy. Your podcast may or may not include video - that decision should be driven by your purpose, audience and budget. Experts who are keen to start a podcast should be aware that a video does require a different production and marketing process. Whether you create a video, a podcast or both will depend on your objective and the right vehicle to help you get there.

Identifying your prime objective

As we’ve discussed, a podcast can deliver many benefits for your brand. However, when starting out, it is wise to build your strategy around a prime objective. This objective can act as your north star, and from there you can start to build out your vision for what success looks like.

For example, your prime objective may be to:

  • turbocharge your network: At PCD Media, we have the distribution capabilities and the mailing list to help you reach audiences across private wealth. We can work with you to design a podcast format that is focused on attracting your dream guests and implement a follow-up strategy to leverage that relationship.

  • grow your client list: We can help you design a strategy that turns your podcast into a lead generation tool that captures data and puts you front of mind with potential clients.

  • build your profile as a thought leader: We can help you build a PR-focused podcast strategy that allows you to leverage the audiences of other media outlets and influencers by becoming a recognised commentator in your niche.

While these are all important decisions that must be made, there are three key considerations that override all the rest.

Is podcasting something that you would enjoy?

Do you have the bandwidth and support to make your podcast a part of your regular schedule month after month… after month?

Are you passionate about your topic? Interested in people? Have a clear idea about the kinds of people you are trying to reach?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the above questions, it’s time to think about what a podcast could do for your brand.

​Our picks of the industry’s best podcasts

When you’re ready to start thinking about what your podcast might look like, here two great examples of fresh content from the sector to provide some inspiration:

Kleinwort Hambros’ Wealth Chat podcast

An example of the kind of highly engaging content that can be achieved from a curated, ensemble approach:

Waverton’s Why Invest? podcast

This second style of approach focuses on a single guest each episode and makes for a compelling exploration of some of the industry’s most fascinating people.


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