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Why book a professional photographer for your event?

Whether it’s a conference or seminar, a milestone celebration or networking dinner perhaps, when planning a successful event there are a myriad of details to consider. Among these considerations, one question stands out as pivotal in preserving the essence and memories of your special occasion: Have you booked a professional photographer?

High quality photos not only help with content for press coverage and engagement on social media but they are also invaluable for promoting your future events. In this blog, we will cover 3 thoughts about why a professional photographer should be a key member of your event team.

1. Brand Representation 

At PCD Media we believe that your brand is the most important investment your business can make and professional photos will reflect positively on this. A photographer worth their salt would put their creative preferences aside and ensure that photographs taken are consistent in style and align with your event branding. 

Professional photography will help differentiate your event from others in your industry by providing unique and visually appealing images that showcase your company’s brand and values.

Top tip: Get in touch early

It’s music to our ears when event planners get in touch with us early as it gives us the opportunity to do our best work. If you can, work up an event photography brief which can include background information, goals, deliverables, reference imagery, creative direction and a style guide.

2. If you don't capture it, it didn't happen

Our brains were built for visual information and it’s hard to communicate the unique moments of your event without a photo. People remember 65% of what they see, so having a suite of high quality images to share with attendees after the event can help keep the momentum going and maintain their interest in your company.

These photos can then be used for marketing, promotional, and internal purposes, such as company newsletters and social media posts. They also serve to attract potential future sponsors, collaborations and promote your next event.

Top tip: Develop a shot list

An agenda is good but a shot list is better. This would include the key moments that you would like captured on the day and ensure you get what you want and need, It’s definitely a good idea to communicate this well in advance. There are plenty of generic shot lists online to get you started.

3. I have an iPhone, can we just use that?

At PCD Media we love looking at creative ways of integrating mobile phones into what we do and there is no denying that they can take a great photo. But when it comes to event photography, that is simply not enough.

Capturing an image involves several technical aspects (exposure, focus, ISO, aperture, shutter speed to name a few) and to do this our camera settings need to be changed each time we take a photo. A professional will be making these micro decisions hundreds of times a night and whilst a mobile phone will do this automatically, in non-optimum lighting scenarios, their tiny sensors and lenses cannot compete and you will find the image quality will fall apart.

Top tip: Get out of auto

If you are keen to understand more about photography, get out of auto mode. Don’t let your camera phone of choice make all the decisions for you.


Professional photographers bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. They understand photography techniques such as lighting, composition, attention to detail as well as peace of mind.

If you are keen to elevate your brand's image with professional photography that speaks volumes, why not contact PCD Media to schedule your corporate shoot.


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