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Tips for looking your best in photoshoots and videos

Updated: 22 hours ago

In today's digital age, visual representation plays a crucial role in how we present ourselves to the world. Whether you're promoting your business, updating your LinkedIn profile, or creating engaging video content, looking your best matters. Your appearance, style choices, posture, and facial expressions can significantly impact the outcome of a photo/video shoot. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best look and make a lasting impression.

Before the shoot, it is the photographer/videographer's role to take the time to understand their client's needs and preferences. Effective communication is key to ensuring satisfaction with the final results. Therefore I have separated this blog into 3 parts Pre-Shoot, During the Shoot, and Post-Shoot.

Pre-Shoot Preparation:

Clothing Choices: The colours you wear can convey different messages and influence perceptions. Dark shades like navy or charcoal create a strong, commanding presence and look clean on camera. Avoid distracting patterns and consider your skin tone when choosing clothing tones. Experiment with different hues to find what suits you best, whilst also considering your brand colours to ensure you don’t clash.

Makeup and Hair: Opt for makeup and hairstyles that make you feel confident. If you want to use make-up but don’t feel confident enough yourself, then consider a make-up artist. Make-up isn’t just for females, you can use makeup in many ways, especially to control shine from reflections that lighting gives off. Also consider how your hair frames your face, ensuring your hair won't be constantly in your face or distracting during the shoot.

At Events: Depending on the event, decide if you want to stand out or blend in. A standout piece like unique shoes or accessories can help you make a memorable impression. Warm colours foster approachability and friendliness. You could also wear a stand-out piece of clothing (such as David Bell’s famous shoes) not only is it a topic of conversation but it would make you more memorable to stand out. 

During the Shoot:

Posture: Focus on your posture to convey professionalism and confidence. This means avoiding slouching and keeping your shoulders back. 

Facial and body expressions: Smile when appropriate to appear approachable, or adjust your facial expressions based on the topic's tone. Pay attention to hand gestures and avoid excessive movements that may distract from your message.

Best Angles and Poses: Let your photographer know if you have a preferred side or angle. They can help you find flattering poses and angles that highlight your best features. Relax and trust their guidance to capture your best self.


Remember that while editing can enhance certain aspects, there's only so much that can be changed post-shoot. The best results are achieved when you care to prepare and present yourself as you wish to be seen in the final images or videos. I’m not sure what is worse, people who have a headshot from 20 years ago still or people who use AI headshots!

In conclusion, looking your best on camera involves careful consideration of clothing, makeup, posture, expressions, and angles. By preparing adequately and collaborating effectively with your photographer or videographer, you can achieve a confident and impactful presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Can we help you?  

If we can help you create some new headshots or other creative projects, please email our friendly team on

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