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Case Study: How we helped a leading private wealth brand execute a Monaco conference

Updated: Jun 24

How it came together

TrustConsult Group aimed to run its annual conference in 2024 for its clients and professional contacts. With the event being held in Monaco, Cecile Vuillier, CEO of Trustconsult Group in Switzerland, approached PCD Media to help design and add input to the agenda and format of the event, with a focus on distributing content, social media coverage, and promotion.

Cecile wanted to avoid the traditional conference format with presentations that fails to engage the audience.  She envisioned a conversational panel format that would be more interesting and informative with David Bell as host. Cecile also asked for photo and video assets for post-event distribution. 


PCD Media had four main objectives:

  1. Design an engaging agenda: Develop an engaging content-rich agenda that includes top-quality speakers and relevant themes.  

  2. Organise panel calls: Schedule and coordinate calls with panellists and create a running order for the event.  

  3. Promotion and sponsorship: Promote the conference to contacts and secure sponsorships.

  4. Event coverage: To provide a full suite of video and photo assets for post-event coverage and to encourage social media engagement for future events.


David leveraged his extensive network—30,000 LinkedIn and 10,000 email contacts — to extend a warm and sincere invitation to a relevant and engaged audience for the TrustConsult event. 

He carefully outlined the agenda, which featured a select group of high-profile speakers, hand-picked for their ability to provide valuable insights.  This added quality to the event and saved Cecile time creating the agenda and sourcing all the speakers herself.     

Working with TrustConsult, David devised a set of topical themes that aligned with the company's goals, creating a compelling and coherent lineup.

On the day of the event, Chris joined David to photograph and video key speakers and VIP guests, capturing the event's highlights. To build momentum before the event, David used various social media channels to generate buzz and keep engagement levels high throughout the day, attracting additional attention and awareness.

Following the event, we delivered all photo and video assets to TrustConsult, and included a feature in the PCD Group Magazine Issue 37 and the newsletter. We sent this magazine via email to our database of 10,000 contacts and shared it widely on social media, ultimately reaching over 30,000 connections. Our efforts amplified the event's impact and reached new heights.


The TrustConsult Annual Conference proved to be highly beneficial to its attendees, the panels and talks inspired questions and conversations from the audience, leading to high levels of participation throughout the event. Sponsors and attendees gave positive feedback, suggesting the conference's success and achieving the objectives.

The event also received high engagement on LinkedIn channels. In addition, TrustConsult established new connections with speakers, expanding their network and opening up opportunities for future collaborations. 


PCD Media has built a strong partnership with TrustConsult over the years.  The Monaco annual conference surpassed its objectives and set a new standard for future events. The panel discussions and media coverage ensured a strong return on investment in the conference, with valuable relationships enhanced and promotional assets created to amplify the brand after the event.   

Kind words from Cecile:

“We were delighted to work with PCD Media on our annual conference in Monaco in March 2024. David acted as moderator for the conference and skillfully managed a full afternoon of panels. Chris' work on photography and video perfectly captured the atmosphere of the event. We hope to work with PCD Media again in the future."

Cecile Vuillier, CEO, TrustConsult Group


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